• Description

  • We got more than 800 beautiful islands in Mergui Archipelago. Most of the island are untouched and transparent water in bluish and light greenish shades, soft golden sand and other tropical plants bowing over it. Our island day trip tours and island packages are from some of these exotic islands and will be worth coming.

    Myeik is formerly known as Mergui, in colonial era. The local people call it Beik. Myeik is a beautiful port town of Andaman sea, in the center of Tanintharyi Division. Myeik is famous for its products such as pearl, rubber, edible bird's nest, dried fish, dried prawn and Ngapi (shrimp paste). Myeik will be the further gateway to the Mergui Archipelago as the Hotels and Restaurants in town already have a certain standard. Now a day, Mergui De Kitchen Restaurant is more popular with its delicious fresh seafood and great location.

    Myeik can be reached by air from Yangon, Dawei and Kawthaung. It has road and sea connections.

    Getting there
    • Yangon ⇔ Myeik
    • Flight(1hour), Bus(22hours)
    • Dawei ⇔ Myeik
    • Flight(45min), Bus(7hours), private car(6hours)
    • Myeik ⇔ Kawthaung
    • Flight(45min),  private car(12hours)
    • Myeik ⇔ Tanintharyi
    • private car(2hours), boat(5hours)


Arrive to Tha Mee Hla Island which has short white sand beach and small waterfall. You can have snorkeling, swimming and relaxing.

Firstly, we arrive to Grouper Fish Farm, we will have a look and buy fresh fish in that farm and make BBQ on the Marcus Island.

Arrive to Smart Island where you can have good snorkeling, swimming, relaxing and playing soccer.

Arrive to fish farming area where you will experience how they farm fish and store.